Lili's Loft is a label that combines love for artisanal work and vintage with a very cosmopolitan spirit and a contemporary style.

All Lili's Loft products are unique. They are produced in small series and all materials are selected with lots of care. The combination of vintage and floral patterns with geometrical and trendy elements, the mixture of textures and colors and the search for feminine chic are the key characteristics of Lili's Loft.

At the heart and soul of Lili’s Loft is Eva Areizaga. Eva comes from the Basque Country in Spain and moved to Germany for love. At the beginning of 2020 Eva and her husband decided to complement their city life in Frankfurt with a calmer life by the sea. With regular visits to Mallorca they enjoy the best of both worlds, combining business in the heart of Europe and the nature and tranquillity on a beautiful Mediterranean island.

Of course behind the label there is more than one person. Eva works with a great team of professionals that includes dress makers, artisans, photographers and graphic designers. They all contribute to the success of Lili’s Loft.

All Lili’s Loft products are carefully and lovingly handmade by people with disabilities in workshops in different cities and towns across Germany. As Lili’s Loft continues to grow, Eva establishes these workshops little by little. She spends time with each of the teams, showing them how to make her creations.

"My collections are my journeys through life. I invite you to travel with me". 



Lili's Loft ist ein Label für Accessoires, das Handarbeit und Liebe für Vintage mit einem kosmopolitischen und modernen Spirit verbindet.

Alle Artikel sind Unikate, sie werden in kleinen Serien aus sorgfältig ausgesuchten Materialien handgefertigt. Die Kombination der Stoffe und Papiere, floralen und geometrischen Muster, der Mut zur Farbe und die Suche nach dem femininen Chic der ursprünglichen und traditionellen Handarbeit sind die Zeichen, die die Produkte von Lili's Loft charakterisieren.

Hinter Lili‘s Loft steht die Spanierin Eva Areizaga.